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5 Excuses of Moses: Why I am not the man for the job?


I am an escape artist that I can evade any responsibility that I don’t like by making excuses.

Excuses Defined: alibis, to remove blame or responsibility that results in justification, forgiveness, and release of any liability


Given a divine assignment, many mighty men of God in the Scriptures started off with excuses, reluctance, fear, insecurity or doubt.  

From Jonah to Gideon, each one gave a litany of excuses countered by our loving God.

The most reluctant man with a list of terrible excuses, in my opinion, was Moses.  

Here comes the image of a man with his radiant face descending from Mt. Sinai (the 2nd time ) with tablets of the 10 commandments.    

This great man parted the Red Sea by God’s power.  He brought the nation of Egypt to its knees releasing millions of Hebrew slaves.    

Yet he came to be the “most humble man on the face of the earth”. Dubbed as the“friend of God” to whom only God speaks face to face. 

Out of frustration, he hit the rock twice ignoring God’s instruction to “speak to the rock”.

Like us, he was not perfect.  He had an anger management problem, a behavior pattern that disqualified him from entering the Promised Land. 

Check this out, you’ll find Moses listed in Hebrews 11- “Heroes of Faith”.

Story of Moses

Moses’ story begins in Egypt with the murder of newborn Hebrews males and Pharaohs daughter’s venture of rescuing the infant baby Moses in the River Nile.  

Pharaoh’s daughter raised him up as royalty, trained him as a warrior.  Educated in a prestigious university in Egypt he’s destined to be “the Prince of Egypt”.  

Moses lost all his royal privileges down the drain. He murdered an Egyptian officer beating a Hebrew slave. 

The Pharaoh discovered his secret. He began a manhunt to kill Moses, but he escaped.

As a murderer and fugitive at age 40, he hid in a remote desert staying with an unsuspecting family —the priest of Midian named Ruel.  

Eventually, he married Zipporah, one of Ruel’s daughters, had 2 sons and pretended they’ll live happily ever after.

Now when I thought Moses has reached a demented age of 80, God suddenly disrupted “his cozy life on a rocking chair at a beach sipping a tequila”.  

I imagine my retirement years.  

Moses Re-Fired not Retired

God called Moses to take a gargantuan task of saving his people from the hands of Pharaoh.  I thought why should I care for these people?

 In the burning bush, Moses’ 1st conversation with God, we see 5 terrible excuses on why he could not do it versus God’s “irresistible” counter- offer. The offers are all SUPERNATURAL!!

“While I tell myself I would never reject God if He asks me to do something bigger than myself, the truth is I also have a list of lame excuses. ” 

While I tell myself I would never reject God if He asks me to do something bigger than myself, the truth is I also have a list of lame excuses.

One of them could be pretending I fainted, asleep and so I can’t hear anything you say.  

Even though God, spelled as G.O.D. repeatedly reassured him, Moses still begged for Him to send someone else. 

But when Moses finally conceded, God used him in the exodus & deliverance of a million Jews from Egypt. 

Let’s check out the validity of these 5 Excuses, to remember them easily those excuses starts with “i” ( identity, ignorance, insecurity, impairment, idwtdi)


5 Excuses of Moses

1st:  IDENTITY Excuse

Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” (Exodus 3:11). 

 My take:   

“I am just a nobody, an aging 80-year-old shepherd, a murderer,  fugitive,  I am no match to meet any Egyptian royalty”.  

— “what if they recognize me as the wanted killer? .. like the family of my victim ?”  

*** Identity defines our self-worth, self-esteem but the Bible says we have a new identity is in Christ.

God so often chooses the most unlikely candidate to fulfill His vision. He sees past the man and sees eternity.  He sees our potential and how our broken vessels can fulfill His ultimate purpose. 

GOD’S response: 

 I WILL BE WITH YOU (Exodus 3:12)  

My take:  

The Big Boss, the King of the Universe on my side?  God’s saying it doesn’t matter who you are…I’ll be with you.  Just like the burning bush, any instrument or person can do the supernatural when God is in it. 



Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?” (Exodus 3:13).

My take: 

I don’t know you enough.  I don’t even know your name? I’m not a theologian, no training, no seminary education. 

GOD’S response: 

‘I-AM sent you”  (Exodus 3:14)

Ignorance is not a problem as long as we have a teachable spirit, willing to learn and obey. 



What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?” (Exodus 4:4).

My take:  

 “What evidence or proof I can use to convince them? No power or authority.  I don’t feel secure.  No credibility “. 

“I’m just a poor boy, no money, no honey, no personality, no job, no friends, no influence. I have nothing good to show them. I am useless. “

God’s response

 “WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?” (Exodus 4:2)

My Interpretation:

God will empower and use you whatever gifts, talents you possess just like the boy who offered his lunch of tuna sandwich  — 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  

The boy’s lunch fed 5,000 people. There were even lots of leftover baskets of food.   

If God is your God, He is everything you got, He is all you need.  You are not useless! 

My wife once said to me jokingly, “no one is totally useless, you can serve as a horrible example”. 



Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue” (Exodus 4:10). 

My take: 

“I ‘ve no ability.  My tongue is twisted, I stutter a lot. I am afraid and shy. I  can’t speak in public”.  A lame excuse, a lie considering Moses’ high education at the University of Egypt.

God’s response:  

Who created your tongue?  (Exodus 4:11)

My take:

I am God, I created all things, the universe, I created YOU.


5th Excuse: IDWTDI – “I DON’T WANT TO DO IT”

“Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else” (Exodus 4:13).  

My take:

God hated this excuse. “I don’t want to DO IT.  I am not available.  Send someone else”.  

The irony I see, Moses addressed himself as a “servant” and God his “Master” or the Boss.? And yet, he had the audacity to tell God what He should do.

If I were Moses he should have negotiated,— “Lord, send me to Hawaii on missions or anywhere else except maybe China at this time”.


God’s response:  

14 Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, “What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? ….

My take:

The first 4 excuses God remained patient with Moses but on the 5th excuse, God’s anger kindled up.  

When we tell God “ I’m not willing, I am not available, send someone else” that’s seemed to be the end of discussion.  

Even though God can overpower our will yet He chose to counter every excuse using logic as well as signs and wonders. 

Finally, He said to Moses, “Fine.  I’ll get your brother Aaron to do the talking, but I still want you to do this.  So, I’ll tell you what to say, you’ll tell him, and he’ll tell the people.”  

When Moses conceded to God’s reasonings, He used him mightily to save Israel from slavery to Egypt.  From bondage to freedom. 

Our God has a plan for carrying out His rescue mission for the lost in the world.  You’re in this plan! No more excuses.


What God is Calling you to do today? 

For starters, when I become a Christian here’s the first thing God called me to do: 

— to be part of the body of Christ (church) and to be rooted and grounded in His Word and 

— I need nourishment to grow and to edify the church.

To grow spiritually, I need to be connected to the Father and to have fellowship with the body of Christ.   

While working in the Middle East, I joined a small group of Christians meeting as a church. Later on, I felt called to serve Him by joining a missionary organization.  Now, which one of the excuses can you relate most?

8 thoughts on “5 Excuses of Moses: Why I am not the man for the job?

  1. Nellie de San Jose says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can use these lessons in our ministry. God bless you always Rudy.

    1. rodancheta says:

      thanks, Ate Nellie, which church you go to?

  2. Patricia Eachus says:

    I love that God calls us to things far out of our reach to accomplish without Him. I, can
    be as you describe…”a reluctant leader”, assuming someone else is more qualified.

    You did a great job in describing the reluctant leader and helping us in this day and age
    to say YES to the Father, expecting His power to come to play.

    Great job!!

    1. rodancheta says:

      Hello, Pat.. you pioneered something bigger than yourself –
      YWAM San Francisco!!! You’re a blessing to many nations..

  3. Lee Clipper says:

    “Just like the burning bush, any instrument or person can do the supernatural when God is in it.” I love that! Your whole piece is great! Very relatable!! Challenging!!

    1. rodancheta says:

      thank you ms lee…

  4. Manuel Manarang says:

    Great stuff. Love it bless you bro.

    1. rodancheta says:

      Bless you in Jesus… brod

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