Outreach Program- Smokey Mt

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The three month Discipleship Training School in YWAM Kona, Hawaii highlights a missions outreach program where students travel to unreached people groups overseas. After praying and asking God for direction, the students become excited with the answered prayers for a particular nation outreach. Anyway, a student prankster shares this funny story that traveled all the way to Balut, Smokey Mountain. Here how it goes:

My American missionary friend travels to the Philippine Island with a group of medical professionals for their  missionary outreach program.  She owns a purry Persian cat which she entrusted to the care of her younger sister.   Three weeks passed by, my missionary friend phoned via long distance to her younger sibling. She asked how’s  everything at home.

After a casual chit chat she eagerly asked about her Persian pet  .  “  Okay little sister how’s my cat “ 

“She died”, said her younger sister.  There was a long silence. 

My friend exploded in anger and disappointment.    “ You are very insensitive!  Didn’t you know how I ‘am attached dearly to my cat.  You should have broken down the bad news to me.

On my first call,  you should have replied – ‘she’s playing on the roof’. That’s when I asked you ‘how’s my cat?”

On my second long distance phone call,  ‘she fell down and she’s in the hospital’ 

Finally on my third phone call I assume you already know what you should say, — ” the vets did what they could but it’s too late, she’s gone” ….  

“Well, you got it? So by the way how’s grandma doing?”

“She’s playing on the roof”