God’s Grace Amidst The Garbage

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as told to Andy Butcher, Decision Magazine ’93 If you had told me few years ago that my search for meaning in life would end on a garbage dump,  I would have probably thought you were crazy. But that is just what has happened.  As a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), I work […]

How to get a US visa? My Experience

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 “What is the purpose of your visit to United States?” “To go Hawaii on a missions train…” We barely finished the sentence when we heard the familiar sound as if Judge Judy banged her gavel. The Consular official stamped the date on our Philippine passports meaning our visa application was “denied”!  Several denials later and […]

This is funny

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  My sister in law told us about her funny  and memorable missions outreach (Discipleship Training School)  in a far flung village North of the Philippines.   She described people there as very hospitable, hardworking and cheerful. The women wear colorful clothing  that look like a rainbow and most men were half naked covered with bright colored […]

Fed by the ravens…

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A young married couple in SMokey Mountain attending our Bible Study group shared this interesting story of how God provided during their time of desperate need.   If Elijah was fed by the ravens in the brook of Cherith this lovely couple got their supply from a —?.   Here’s their story:  Christopher was looking […]

Our Journey Begins

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Oftentimes when smart people travel they bring a map.  But if  you were going anywhere in Manila decades ago,  your map might not work because the streets were changed or not yet in the map.   Inner streets have no signs, some closed because young people were using it as a basketball court.  So the best way was to ask around people who would likely tell you […]