YWAM Ships: Coming Soon to the Unreached Islands of the Philippines

Founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham, talks about YWAM Ships PH

Hear the great news from the Founder of Youth with a Mission, Loren Cunningham, as he shares about the “Ship of Love” sailing soon to the islands of the Philippines!To learn more, visit: www.ywamshipsphilippines.orgTo Donate, click: https://www.passitforward.com/view-request/36000073#ywamshipsph #medicalship #sailingsoon #hopetotheisolated #fullsteamahead

Posted by YWAM Ships PH on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Good News

Do you know that the YWAM Ships is coming soon to the Philippines? A few weeks ago, Rheo Loseo came to visit us here in Union City CA. He is a good friend and fellow YWAMer. Rheo is now the President of YWAM Ships Philippines. The Ships will serve the needs of isolated islands in the Philippines. Watch the video above where Loren Cunningham the YWAM Founder, introduces the coming of the ship to the Philippines. The YWAM Ships will carry volunteers and supplies, bringing compassion, hope, and training to remote locations accessible only by ships. The Philippines consists of 7107 islands. Around 2000 is inhabited. And 500 of which can be reached out by medical help. 

When we look at our maritime history in Youth With A Mission we can see a story God is writing about reaching the isolated and hurting people of our world. Many in dire need survive in villages without hope of ever seeing their circumstances change. Same condition with Bible literacy. So many languages in the Pacific are still to have the Bible written in their mother tongue. Ships for those of us in YWAM who utilize vessels to reach these remote places are not just a good idea, they are the only means of transportation to reach EVERYONE.

YWAM Ships Philippines is joining this growing maritime movement of YWAM, which has been in existence since 1978, it was in direct response to this daunting challenge to provide access to the isolated. We believe we need at least 40 vessels on the seven seas to accomplish this task. Our efforts as a global movement have resulted in 26 YWAM vessels operation around the globe.

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