Why Hallelujah Night instead of Halloween?

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Hallelujah Night evolved as a Christian alternative against the traditional Halloween celebration.  Halloween began as an ancient Celtic festival where they believed on the night of Oct 31 ghosts of the dead return to earth.   The Celts carved faces into vegetables such as pumpkins, squash or turnips to light up the way to their […]

Why are you homeless?

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During a night crabbing , (not night club-ing 😀) in San Francisco, Boyong, a Fil-American homeless showed us an interesting lesson about crab mentality.  “Put the lid on or else this one will escape” , he yelled throwing his first catch on the basket. A few minutes later he threw more crabs, “now you keep […]

eagle release go

Release and Let Go our Heavy Burdens

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Have you been holding onto something that is hard to” release and let go”?  Here’s a great story of a little boy who wanted to go and see a flying eagle.   His loving father took him to the rugged Colorado mountains to look for some eagles.  Several hours had passed there was no sight […]

Barnabas or Barrabas

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Two opposing characters in the Bible came to mind while am praying for God’s message to the church this Sunday.    The Lord impressed on me that like Barnabas our presence in the church should always build, edify our brethren.  Or else it can be otherwise. Barnabas was a Levite from Cyprus whose real name was […]

Piolo Pascual promotes YWAM Ships

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YWAM Ships Philippines places physicians, dentists, eye doctors, and other medical professionals in short-term service on our vessels for deployment. We coordinate all the details of the assignment, including : –Matching interests, abilities, and time frame with our vessels and locations— Giving orientation and resources before and during the assignment— Assisting with necessary visas, permits, and other field […]

Coming Soon: YWAM Ships

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Good News Do you know that the YWAM Ships is coming soon to the Philippines? A few weeks ago, Rheo Loseo came to visit us here in Union City CA. He is a good friend and fellow YWAMer. Rheo is now the President of YWAM Ships Philippines. The Ships will serve the needs of isolated […]

Dolphy Jr Testimony

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Just recently, we saw the YouTube testimony of Dolphy Jr and since then it has been shown in our church small groups a few times. Thanks to Youtube (Showbiz Pinoy 03.31.2019). Dolphy Jr. figured in a sensational arson case in 1981 that led to the death of six people, and for which he was imprisoned […]

Outreach Program- Smokey Mt

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just for fun The three month Discipleship Training School in YWAM Kona, Hawaii highlights a missions outreach program where students travel to unreached people groups overseas. After praying and asking God for direction, the students become excited with the answered prayers for a particular nation outreach. Anyway, a student prankster shares this funny story that […]

Miracle Prayer

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Read Acts 12:1-19 So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.   Acts 12:5 Power of Prayer Prayers for a miracle, praying for the impossible bring glory to God. Only when we exhaust what is humanly possible then we can ask God to do the impossible. Believers praying together as […]

Avoid Unsafe Relationships

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From the book ” How to find relationships that are good for you and avoid those that aren’t “– Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend gave us fascinating thoughts and ideas on building relationship with the right people. One of the prominent voices on the books preface, Josh McDowell wrote “…Dr Henry Cloud and […]