Word of Life

How God Sees You


mighty warriorJudges 6:12. “…The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”
Gideon must have been astonished when the angel addressed him as “mighty warrior”.  At the time, he was hiding in a pile of rocks, terrified, beating out grains of wheat for survival. Was this a case of mistaken identity, or was the angel speaking to the potential that God saw in this young man?

Often as new Christians, we listen to the voice of our own inadequacies. We feel the pressure of our circumstances and believe that we are nobodies who can achieve very little. But the Holy Spirit is whispering to us the same message that the angel whispered to Gideon. We all have the potential to be mighty in some area for God. He looks beyond our current weaknesses and speaks to the destiny potential in each of us.   

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