That  fear of being alone may have been the driving force to be hurried, tense, busy, and being used to the noise & crowd of San Francisco.   Busyness, too much work but not really accomplishing something profitable.   Too much activity not necessarily productivity.    Its just like an antidote maybe for depression.  To forget about that sort of heaviness….  where is it coming from?   Loneliness is inner emptiness.

Thanks be to God.   Our hope is in Him.  That void in us can be that God shaped vacuum which can only be filled by  His Spirit..   That  Spirit who dwells on those who listen & obey to His Voice.   There should be that  time alone with God even in a very noisy, busy surroundings .   A moment where we can be lost to ourselves, our spirit being united to His Spirit.   Whether alone or among people, we seem to carry with us a portable sanctuary of the heart.

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