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New Year Resolutions Life Hacks


Do you write new year resolutions ? Any success ? After you tried this and that doing same things over and over again every year expecting different results?  (That’s Insanity!).  You’re maybe highly motivated at first then a few months later your fire dwindles.  You gave up.  First of all , ask the “why” you are doing this resolutions.  Finding higher purpose?  To me its about enjoying the beauty of life, finding its meaning , God’s creation,  color, quality, direction, fulfilling my destiny. 

Deciphering your life’s purpose, finding its meaning and making resolutions shouldn’t be as complicated as writing computer programs.  Well, maybe if we don’t believe in the  Supreme One. Progress is the key to your success.  Learning one step at a time,  doing one thing everyday that centers you.  Here’s some thoughts or lessons to ponder in  writing your new year resolutions:

  1.  Target goals can be realized when you’ve a structure, discipline and accountability – a friend, a coach or a mentor.  Maybe do resolutions as family tradition where you share comfortably and ask a loved one for accountability.
  2. Think quality of life.  Your relationships determine the quality of your life.  Friendships has no survival value rather its one of those things that give value to survival.
  3.  Find out what really matters in your life.  Don’t wait to be in your death bed to figure out what really matters to you.  Priority.  First Things First.  Matt 6:33.
  4.   Your goals, actions must be aligned with  your values and principles.  Determine your non-negotiable’s.   Our life’s GPS, guide, or true North compass – – the Word of God, the Holy Spirit.
  5.   Progress not perfection.  Effectivity not efficiency.  Productivity not more activity.  Success is not a destiny but a journey.
  6.   Three areas of progress –  wisdom, well-being & wealth. (Solomon’s 3W).  The Holy Scripture says wisdom is supreme, the source of wisdom is God in Himself ( Jas 1:5,6).
  7.   Monitor, evaluate progress and ask for feedback.  Move on.
  8.   Apply S.M.A.R.T goal.  Here’s an example how a friend of mine embarked on a weigh loss program with the help of a  coach and lost 10 pounds ( from 150 lbs to 140 lbs ) in one month.  Target is 130 lbs, 2 months.

    Specific – focused, laser sharp instead of using a shotgun that scatters splinters all over., for example losing weight 2 month program

    Measurable – metrics, ability to determine how much effort, time, energy needed to accomplish this goal, this counting calories, say 1000 calories limit per day.  Monitor progress, record weight, calories, daily basis.

    Achievable – making sure the hurdle is within your reach humanly speaking,  applying the menus consistently for the 30 days program.  Accountability relationship with a coach guides you to the process.

    Realistic – reiteration , in order to achieve , goal should be within the realm of human possibility, natural not supernatural,

    Time Frame – a due date or a finish line in terms of time to evaluate and monitor progress. By this time you may have a gap or you’ve achieved your target goal. In our example, in a month time you lose 10 lbs,  now you have 1 more month to complete the 20 lb loss.  For real.

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