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Release and Let Go our Heavy Burdens

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Have you been holding onto something that is hard to” release and let go”?  Here’s a great story of a little boy who wanted to go and see a flying eagle.   His loving father took him to the rugged Colorado mountains to look for some eagles.  Several hours had passed there was no sight of an eagle and just as he was about to give up, an eagle showed up majestically soaring high in the sky.

Isaiah 40:31 tells us that believers can be like eagles when we put our trust in God.

Let me tell you 1st some interesting facts about eagles:

1)    Eagles build their nests at the top of very high trees or cliffs.  The Lord told Job that the eagle has built “her nest on high” (Job 39:27).

2)    Eagles have wonderfully designed wings which allows them to soar (glide with very little wing movement) for long periods of time.  Isaiah described eagle to fly and not grow tired (Isa 40:31)

3)    The wingspan of the eagle may be as much as 8 to 9 feet long.  Their main flying fathers can be as much as 20 in long.

4)    Eagles can fly very high in their journey.   Pilots have spotted them at 10,000 feet up in the sky.  They also fly very fast — glide from 35 to 55 mph. but their speed has been measured at 150 mph

5)    Baby eagles do not automatically know how to fly.  Their parents teach them & it takes weeks & weeks of practice.   God once reminded His people that He had supported them just like an eagle carries her eaglets upon her wings (Ex 19:4)

6)    The Bible says that the eagle spies her prey (food) “from afar”(Job 39:29),   It is scientific fact that the eagle has incredible eye sight.  It can spot a fish from 3 miles high and catch it.

7)    Eagles live to very old birds.  Some scientist  believe that eagles can live to be more than 50 yrs old.

When there is a storm, eagles will just face it head on taking advantage of the wind and soar up high into the clouds.  And the higher we climb the more we see spiritually.

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So here what happens when you release and let go:

The little boy then fixed his gaze to the eagle.  He locked his two eyes to this wonderful creature.  He saw the eagle swirling and falling down from the sky.   Not knowing why then the eagle disappeared.  He screamed to his father pleading to see where it landed.   They walked to the other side of the mountain where  the little boy found the eagle laying on the ground dead.   To their surprise they saw a little animal– a weasel!!

Now,  the eagle died because it grabbed a weasel and the weasel bit through the eagle’s heart.  The little boy cried trying to understand why the eagle died when it was a lot bigger and stronger than the weasel.  Finally, his father explained that perhaps the eagle didn’t let go of the weasel until the weasel bite became fatal.

The moral lesson:

That’s it my friends… the moral lesson is to release and  let go,  the weasel made a fatal mistake.  We all have them… weasels.  The weasel can be someone or something that prevents us from fulfilling our purpose and destiny in our life.  It’s a weight or a burden that prevents us to soar up in the sky.

Perhaps there are people that you are in a toxic relationship with… or maybe a parasitic relationship, people sucking and draining your energy.    Still living in the past that you can’t forgive and forget your failures?  Do you feel down,  your life is in a rut, just circling and circling around without direction?

Heb 12:1 says to lay aside every weight and the sin that entangles or ensnare us… sins that may become addictive and keep us in the bondage. Let go, turn away from sin, ask God for forgiveness and freedom…surrender to Him. Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you.