Power in Prayer: Do the possible and asking God to do the impossible

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Prayer Defined: its simply talking to our Father; Matt 6:9-13, Acts 12:1-19

So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.   Acts 12:5

Power of Prayer

Pray for wisdom or miracle. Do the possible and ask God to do the impossible. Only when we exhaust what is humanly possible then we can ask God to do the impossible. Believers praying together as a church can be a powerful testimony of God answering our prayers even when we don’t expect it to happen. Herod executed James and Peter was next in line. But God intervened. Here’s a powerful illustration:

The Bell: Prayer Signal

A long time ago, a certain king bought a big bell to be used as a signal for his people to pray on sunrise and sunset. He made a special order from overseas. Therefore the huge bell needs to be transported into a boat as a heavy cargo. Unfortunately, upon leaving the pier, the boat flipped during the raging storm. The huge bell fell out and sank underwater.  The boat crew panicked.  They exhausted all possibilities to retrieve the submerged bell.    Experts, engineers came to the rescue using something like a boom and crane but proved futile.  It’s getting dark soon. 

Saved by Prayer or Bell?

Meanwhile, at the bank or the shore, a tribal chieftain hollered  “ Do you need help over there guys?”.   The captain and the expert looked at each other in utter disbelief; “how can an uneducated tribal people solve our problem?”  Out of frustration, the captain yielded to the chief ..”okay, go ahead make my day! ,   The chieftain called out his people and had a brief conference. They all run towards the forest away from the chieftain, away from the boat, away from the problem.   A few minutes later, the tribal people came back running and yelling, carrying long bamboo poles.  They jumped and dived into the water,  then tied those bamboo shafts around and inside the bell.  Lo and behold,  the huge bell begins to float little by little until it surfaces onto the water. 

Prayer: How to lose weight

Not your weight, the weight of the problem. Maybe that’s what happens in the spirit world when believers pray together. A heavy load carried by many people becomes easy to bear. Prayer for healing, prayers for hope, long or short prayers, it doesn’t matter as long as friends pray for us. Because however big is the problem, the burden we feel becomes lighter. Perhaps its encouragement and support we receive when daily prayers are poured out by our church people. Words of compassion uttered become prayers for healing to a weary soul. They tend to alleviate our tensions and emotional heaviness. Most importantly, God answers prayers when they’re in line with His will. Mark Batterson’s new york times bestseller “The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears” gives you fresh insights on how God answers your prayers.