Ex-convict Dolphy Jr Testimony: Son of a Celebrity turned to Jesus

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Recently, Living Hope church watched the YouTube testimony of Dolphy Jr at their Meeting. Dolphy Jr.’s testimony has brought encouragement and generated a lot of discussions in small groups. His amazing story circulated around to many people by word of mouth.

Living Hope re-played his YouTube testimony again. Thanks to Youtube (Showbiz Pinoy 03.31.2019).

“I love you, thank you for teaching me forgiveness.”

This was Rodolfo Dominguez Quizon Jr.’s “final message” for his father, Philippine entertainment’s comedy king, Dolphy, during his burial at the Heritage Park in Taguig City.

Quizon, 57, known in local movies as Dolphy Jr., talked on Saturday with interviewers on a morning show aired live from the wake at Heritage via TV5, the late comedian’s home network.

The message would have made perfect sense to televiewers who had gone to the wake on Friday night and participated in a service led by Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord Christian church. Dolphy Jr., an ex-convict, is a pastor of the church.

During the service, Dolphy’s third child in a brood of 18 was introduced as the “black sheep of the Quizon family.” He didn’t look the least bit bothered by the moniker as he told his story.

Clad in a white barong, Dolphy Jr. admitted that he was his father’s biggest problem. “I could tell that his health suffered when I was in jail,” he said.

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Dolphy Jr. got involved in a controversial arson case in 1981. That sensational arson led to the death of six people. He was imprisoned and drew a life sentence. Grateful that he only served almost 18 years.

He recounted his journey from son of show-biz royalty to heroin junkie, from convicted arsonist to Christian pastor. Click the image below:

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