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Why Hallelujah Night instead of Halloween?


Hallelujah Night evolved as a Christian alternative against the traditional Halloween celebration.  Halloween began as an ancient Celtic festival where they believed on the night of Oct 31 ghosts of the dead return to earth.   The Celts carved faces into vegetables such as pumpkins, squash or turnips to light up the way to their homes for the departed spirits. Also, witches and warlocks convene on this event to perform occult rituals, associated with Satanism or Paganism belief.

Halloween Commercial

Nowadays, Halloween commercialization in America annually rakes millions of dollars in the sale of candies or chocolates, pumpkins, and all sorts of scary costumes. Parents and adults rush to grocery stores buying candies or goodies for those innocent adorable children scrambling their neighborhood streets for the trick or treat.  Even teenagers or adults spend lots of money on their costume party and booze for this innocent celebration.

For millions of evangelical Christians, Halloween isn’t innocent enough but still a Satan’s holiday. So Hallelujah Night or Harvest Festival came as a Christian alternative. Redeeming the event by their purpose of bringing God’s Spirit of Light to vanquish the spirit of darkness.  Along that line, Living Hope Church in Newark CA believes in integrating Worship, Prayer, and Intercession on the Hallelujah night. 

Family-friendly event

Living Hope wants to avoid the scary part of Halloween entirely by transforming the event into a family-friendly event.  Attracting hundreds of kids and parents they decorate the entire facility with balloons, lanterns, colored lights. Along with lots of candies, games and prizes, trunk and treats, costume contests,  face painting, coffee, and chocolates. Costumes at Hallelujah night happens to be elaborate but not scary, also not restricted to Bible characters.  

Here’s what their church people say,  “It’s just a big, goofy, silly, fun time. We love it.”

Safe secure atmosphere

 Live gospel music plays on the background by the Worship team. While an offer of prayers, coffee or hot chocolate to people sometimes exudes a warm smile.  This safe secure event presents a great opportunity to build friendships with their neighbors. Maybe this opens up a way to share the gospel through them by their personal testimony about Jesus.   

Hallelujah night presents a more practical option than the trick or treat. Most importantly, the thought of being in the church can be safer than walking in the streets.  Better than children getting candies from strangers and its more just a way to keep kids off dark, cold streets. 

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