2 Timothy 1:6

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God....

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Release and Let Go our Heavy Burdens

Have you been holding onto something that is hard to” release and let go”?  Here’s a great story of a little boy who wanted to go and see a flying eagle.   His loving father took him to the rugged Colorado mountains to look for some eagles.  Several hours had passed there was no sight […]

Barnabas or Barrabas

Two opposing characters in the Bible came to mind while am praying for God’s message to the church this Sunday.    The Lord impressed on me that our presence in the church should always build, edify our brethren.  Or else it can be otherwise. Barnabas was a Levite from Cyprus whose real name was Joseph which […]

Piolo Pascual promotes YWAM Ships

The YWAM Ships will soon arrive in the Philippines. And we want to show our fellow Filipino who live on isolated islands of the Philippines that the ship will bring medical, dental, ophthalmic and primary health care into the most isolated islands

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