For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God...2 Tim 1:6

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3 Power Habits in a Crisis

If you are struggling spiritually, emotionally or even physically as you face a crisis, today’s message is for you. Pastor Ruddy Ancheta delivers 3 powerful keys – habits that will help you overcome your dilemma. God bless and as always, share your thoughts here or […]

Understanding the times: Blessings of the Issacharites

The 200 Issachar chiefs stand out among the 12 tribes with thousands warriors because of their unique leadership capacity to understand the times and know what to do. The tribes underwent tremendous conflict and government transition from the house of Saul to the house of […]

5 Top Things To Do In A Crisis

5 Top Things to do in a Crisis : Synopsis Check this out on YouTube: NOtes Be Part of the Solution Not the Problem  Whenever there’s a crisis or problem, don’t forget who you are, your Identity and Destiny in Christ, remember you are […]

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From Scar to a Star: Flame burning at the Smokey Mountain Garbage dump

Smokey Mt. Balut, Tondo Manila -- That’s our ministry location in 1991 , a squalid heap billowing with smoke due to small fire in Smokey Mountain garbage dump.  About 20,000 slum dwellers strive for survival here.    Poor as a rat,  people scavenge scraps, paper, and metal to sell to recycling vendors.   My fancy title – Director or base leader.  Job description –overseer , but at times driver of the 26 passengers Sarao jeepney  for a half day (due to  traffic) to pick up YWAM teams from the airport.. here's our journey

Squatter houses made of scraps metals, wood-built near canals or Esteros along the Manila Bay

My Model, Beautiful Best Friend Ends Up in San Francico

Finding my beautiful Model Best friend sleeping on the streets of San Francisco , destitute and homeless is beyond my imagination.  From I remember her, she succeeds in all the things she does, not to mention she came from a well to do family in Manila.  She works as an accountant in Daly, City living with her boyfriend who's involved in taking drugs... and so her story begins

homeless lady, malou
Malou sleeps on a cold pavement with the blanket I (Cristina) gave her

Free HairCut to San Francisco Homeless

Sam, from Thailand, has done 2000 haircuts so far..

Flame of Passion !!!  Sam, our staff from Thailand has done 2000 haircuts...  A decent haircut cost $12 bucks average in San Francisco salon or barbershop.  YWAM Ellis Room can be crowded with homeless wanting to have a decent haircut.   Sometimes there's a long waiting line,  Sam enjoys giving haircut and its FREE!!  Imagine what happens to scissors and razors cutting unkempt, unwashed hair for ages.  At one point, we have to use a metal cutter to remove the stucked scissor on a sticky hair.  Anyway, its a lot of fun when you volunteer as our barber since you'll make a lot of clients happy especially when you care to hear their story.  Check this out

The Best Gift to the Poor : Education

YWAM Balut Student Sponsorship helped hundreds of children to get education from grade 1 to college.  From scavengers to skilled workers and professionals, stories of families from rags to so called"riches" (transformed living) inspired other young children to strive for education.  Ms Catriona Gray, a frequent guest and volunteer with Young Focus, (a great NGO in the dump) won the Miss Universe the previous year,  more poor kids dream of success.  Those young people dreaming of transformation believe education is a key. Check what YWAM  doing here    

Children playing during High Tidewater in Balut Tondo Manila

Gleanings For The Hungry

YWAM San Francisco

Ruel Foundation