For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God...2 Tim 1:6

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My Model Best Friend in San Francisco

— written by Cristina Ancheta FROM MANILA Malou was my model college best friend years ago in Manila Philippines.  She rose from the rank as our class President.  Not only was she smart but she was also one of the top ten most beautiful women in the campus.  I was dirt poor when I was […]

Why Hallelujah Night instead of Halloween?

Hallelujah Night evolved as a Christian alternative against the traditional Halloween celebration.  Halloween began as an ancient Celtic festival where they believed on the night of Oct 31 ghosts of the dead return to earth.   The Celts carved faces into vegetables such as pumpkins, squash or turnips to light up the way to their […]

Why are you homeless?

During a night crabbing , (not night club-ing 😀) in San Francisco, Boyong, a Fil-American homeless showed us an interesting lesson about crab mentality.  “Put the lid on or else this one will escape” , he yelled throwing his first catch on the basket. A few minutes later he threw more crabs, “now you keep […]

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